The Statutes of the Association

Art 1 Form

There is hereby established between the undersigned as well as those who will adhere to the present statutes, an association governed by the law of July 1, 1901, by the decree of August 16, 1901 and by the present statutes.

Art 2 Denomination

The association takes the name of NETWORK ONCOVAL.

Art 3 Social Object

The purpose of the association is to establish, in accordance with the provisions of its constituent charter, collaboration among its members in order to ensure, within the framework of the cancer pathology, to the entire population of its catchment area:

  • Quality care
  • Adapted access to innovative techniques and treatments
  • Better psychological and social support

While respecting the freedom of choice of patients, the freedom of membership and the withdrawal of professionals.

Art 4 Head Office

It may be transferred to any other place in the sanitary sector 13 “Seine et Marne Nord” by decision of the board of directors of the municipality of Lagny, Marne la Vallée, 31 avenue du General Leclerc, 77405 Lagny sur Marne. ; Ratification by the General Assembly will be necessary.

Art 5 Duration

The association is constituted for a period of 5 years.
It is renewable by tacit agreement for a period of one year.

Art 6 Composition

6-1 The association consists of several categories of members:

  • Founding members: Lagny Marne La Vallée Hospital Center, Coulommiers Hospital Center and Hôpital Saint Camille grouped together in the Cancer Site
  • Active members: any healthcare facility, healthcare structure or health professional that has subscribed to the charter and is up to date with its contributions.
  • Qualified members: members appointed by the board of directors on the basis of their specific expertise
  • Honorary members: may be appointed honorary members by the board of directors natural or legal persons who play a special role in the development of the association.

6-2 Admissions

To be a member of the Association, one must be certified by the office which decides, at each of its meetings, on the applications for admissions presented.

6-3 Radiations

The membership of the association is lost:

  • By the death,
  • By the resignation,
  • By a decision of the Administrative Board on a proposal from the
    • For non-payment of dues by members who are not exempted from it;
    • For conduct incompatible with the purpose of the association;
    • For breach of the articles of association, the internal regulations, the decisions of the general meeting or the board of directors;
    • And more generally for any serious and legitimate reason;

The procedure for exclusion by the Administrative Board and the procedure for the exercise of the rights of the defense and the notification of the decision to the person concerned are laid down in the Rules of Procedure.

Art 7 Association Resources

The resources of the association include:

  • Entry fees, contributions and other financial contributions as well as the financial or industrial contributions paid by the members in accordance with Article 6 of the present Statute; In the event that the financing of the association is borne by only one of the founding members, the latter retains the possibility of unilaterally fixing the annual amount of its participation;
  • Subsidies from the State, the departments and communes and their public establishments;
  • The proceeds of services provided by the association;
  • Manual donations
  • All other resources compatible with the missions and the object of the association and authorized by the laws and regulations in force.

The amount of the annual subscription shall be fixed by the Board of Directors in accordance with the rules laid down in the internal rules.

Art 8 Board of Directors

The association is governed by a 22-member board of directors composed of

  • 12 representatives of the founding members at a rate of 4 per institution, ie 3 doctors and 1 director
  • 3 representatives of the liberal doctors on the basis of one representative per sector
  • 1 representative of the URML of the Ile de France
  • 1 clinic representative
  • 1 representative of the League against Cancer of the Seine and Marne
  • 1 representing direct users of the network
  • 3 qualified people

The members of the Board are appointed by the various components for a renewable period of 4 years. They are renewed by half every two years. At the first renewal the outgoing members are chosen by lot.
The board of directors, on a proposal from the bureau, may decide to enlarge its membership.

Art 9 Office

The Board of Directors shall appoint an office from among its members.
It is composed of 8 members, at least half of them from the founding members:
1 chairman and one vice-chairman
1 secretary and 1 assistant secretary
1 treasurer and a treasurer – deputy
2 members
The president has a casting vote.
Under the authority of the Board of Directors, the Board:

  • Ensures the day-to-day running of the association
  • Executes the decisions taken at a general meeting or in a board of directors.

A provisional office is established. He is responsible for creating the association and administering it until the first general meeting.
The provisional office consists of:

  • Michel VAN DEN AKKER born on 20/08/1947 in Paris, domiciled 9 rue de la République 94220 Charenton, president
  • Pierre GABERT born on 26/03/1952 in Pertuis (Vaucluse), domiciled Center Hospitalier, 31 avenue Général Leclerc 77405 Lagny sur Marne, secretary
  • Giovanna BRUNET, born SGHEGGI on 22/05/45 in Castiglione d’Orcia (Italy), domiciled 1 allée des Alouettes 77420 CHAMPS SUR MARNE, treasurer.

Art 10 President

  • The board shall elect from among its members a chairman, by simple majority, in accordance with the procedures specified in the rules of procedure.
  • In agreement with the council, he designs and implements the general policy of the association. He chairs and animates the various meetings and especially those of the office.
  • If he is unable to attend, he shall be replaced by the vice-president, and in the absence of the vice-president.
  • He presents the association’s moral report to the General Assembly.
  • He performs the civil acts binding the association (except heritage provision) and represents the association in court.
  • He opens the bank or postal accounts of the association.
  • He chairs and animates the various meetings, especially those of the office.

Art 11 Treasurer

The Treasurer is elected by the Board of Directors.

  • He keeps the accounts of the association and manages his finances;
  • He may sign alone checks and transfers in accordance with the rules of procedure;
  • He presents the financial report at the annual general meeting.

Art 12 Secretary

The secretary shall be elected by the board of directors.

  • He convenes the board of directors and the general assemblies and draws up the minutes of the meeting;
  • He is responsible for the preservation of the archives.

Art 13 Rules of Procedure

The Board of Directors draws up rules of procedure to determine the details of the execution of the present statutes and to fix the various points not provided for in the statutes, in particular those relating to the internal administration of the association.
The internal rules will be approved at the first general meeting, which will also be subject to any subsequent amendments.
In the event of any conflict between the bylaws and the bylaws, the provisions of the articles of association shall prevail.

Art 14 Meeting of the Board of Directors

The board of directors shall meet at least once every six months, at the request of the chairman or the board or at the request of one quarter of its members.
Decisions are taken by a majority vote; In the event of a tie, the Chairman shall have the casting vote.
Any member of the Board who, without excuse, has not attended three consecutive meetings, may be considered as having resigned by the Board of Directors.
In the event of a vacancy, the Board provisionally provides for the replacement of the defaulting member. It shall thereafter be replaced at the next general meeting, the term of office of the member so appointed shall end on the expiry of the term of office of the replaced member.
No person may be a member of the board unless he is of age.

Art 15 Ordinary General Meeting

The ordinary general assembly includes all the members of the association in whatever capacity they are affiliated. The ordinary general meeting meets at least once a year.

  • At least fifteen days before the date fixed, the members of the association shall be convened by the secretary. The precise agenda is mandatory on the convening notices
  • The general assembly elects its chairman who may be assisted by a meeting bureau composed of a secretary and two scrutineers chosen from among the members present.
  • The general Assembly
  • Decides on the moral report and the draft budget presented by the Chairman of the Board of Directors
  • Rules on the financial report submitted by the Treasurer
  • Gives discharge to directors
  • Acts on all matters on the agenda

And, after exhaustion of the agenda, the outgoing members of the Board are replaced by the various components of the association.
Decisions shall be taken by a simple majority of the members present or represented.

Art 16 Extraordinary General Meeting

If need be or at the request of half plus one of the registered members the president may call an extraordinary general meeting.
The latter alone has the power to amend the articles of association, decide on the dissolution of the association and, where applicable, the liquidation bonus.
In addition to the modalities of operation defined in Article 15, the convening notice shall be by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt containing a precise agenda.
The extraordinary general meeting deliberates validly when it brings together three quarters of the members of the association whose founding members. The secret ballot may be requested by the Board of Directors.
Decisions of the Extraordinary General Meeting shall be taken by a qualified majority of the members present or represented.

Art 17 Minutes – Special Register

The deliberations of ordinary and extraordinary general meetings are recorded in minutes signed by the chairman of the meeting and one of the scrutinizing members.
All changes in the administration or management of the association and amendments to the articles of association shall be recorded by the secretary in a special register held and kept at the registered office of the association.

Art 18 Dissolution

In the event of dissolution in the manner provided for in Article 16, one or more liquidators shall be appointed by the latter and the assets, if any, shall be vested in accordance with Article 9 of the Law of 1st July 1901 and the decree of August 16, 1901.

Art 19 Publication

The present articles of association shall be deposited in accordance with the legal provisions.



The Secretary


The Treasurer