The Charter

The ONCOVAL Network is defined by its constituent agreement and its statutes. Facilitated by a Board of Directors and an Office, managed by a coordination unit, it puts in partnership all structures designed to take charge of patients with cancer pathology, liberal doctors and paramedics.

Membership in the Network results in the signing and fulfillment of this Charter. This is opposable to all the establishments, structures and individuals participating in the ONCOVAL network.

It is agreed as follows

Article 1

Membership is based on voluntary work and non-exclusivity. Members may be any legal or natural person adhering to the statutes of the association and undertaking to comply with the charter.

The various members of the network commit themselves, by adhering to the charter, to collaborate to improve: the quality of care provided to cancer patients, and screening and prevention actions.

Everyone is free to withdraw from the network at his / her convenience and the exclusion can be pronounced in case of non-respect of the commitments

Article 2

All commitments set out in the charter involve:

– respect for the patient’s free choice of the place of care

– respect for patients’ free choice of their doctors and other health professionals

– respect for the free will of health professionals

– the need for a common reflection on certain functional and economic constraints

Article 3

Each “member” undertakes, within the network, to:

– to promote the delivery of quality care according to the best practice guidelines

– inform the patient and his / her family of his / her pluriprofessional care in compliance with the rules of ethics without alienating the confidentiality of the elements that concern his sanitary, psychological, social and privacy situation

– promote the proximity of quality care by delegating to the various adherent members any diagnostic, therapeutic and post-therapeutic surveillance activities within their competence.

Article 4

Each member undertakes to accept to evaluate their actions in prevention, epidemiology, diagnosis and care by participating:

– the collection of common indicators

– the collection of activities common to the network

– the regulatory accreditation procedures but also external audit and advisory missions reserved for the medical and scientific field, the content of which is defined by the office of the network

Article 5

The structures commit themselves to favor the implementation of a modern telecommunication network, which they underline the medical and economic interest by allowing:

– the rapid transmission of medical information relating to patients according to a harmonized model (patient record book, common minimum medical record)

– the organization of consultation meetings with other networks or reference centers for certain complex dossiers

Without a hierarchy of status, each member accepts a coordination of the various stakeholders with the person and with the different actors to help them in their daily work and their quality process.

Article 6

All members of the network undertake to:

– articulate the management of each patient in a multidisciplinary context

– respect the specific principles of management of cancer pathologies as defined by the references and the protocols of care

– explain in writing the reasons justifying the non-application of these standards or the proposals of the interdisciplinary committee

Article 7

Members undertake to participate in the continuing training activities deemed necessary for the implementation and development of quality programs and for the improvement of knowledge and practices within the network.

Each member undertakes to participate in the multidisciplinary cooperative development of recommendations and protocols at the local and regional level, particularly in its field of clinical expertise.

Article 8

Institutions, associations and institutions are committed to empowering their professionals to meet these commitments.

All members of the network undertake not to use their direct or indirect participation in the network’s activities for promotion or publicity purposes.

Article 9

This charter is established for a period of two years and replaces the previous charter established during the official creation of the ONCOVAL network. It is renewable by tacit agreement for the same duration. Its modifications are made by the Bureau of the network after validation by the General Assembly and by an endorsement approved by the Director of ARH Ile de France.